900 W Randolph Street

Facade Installation Begins at 900 W Randolph Street in Fulton Market District

Facade pieces can now be seen along 900 Randolph Street in West Loop’s Fulton Market District. The 43-story mixed-use tower is being developed by Related Midwest, who has planned an even taller development just one block southeast at 725 W Randolph Street. Given its height of 495 feet, the skyscraper will be the second tallest building west of the Kennedy Expressway.

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New Permits Issued for 2034 N Mohawk Street in Lincoln Park

New construction permits have been issued for a four-story residential building located at 2034 N Mohawk Street in Lincoln Park. The owner is listed as 2034 N Mohawk LLC. The scope of the project includes four stories and three total dwelling units. The building will have a basement, and the units will be outfitted with front balconies and rear decking. The roof will have its own deck and pergolas. A three-vehicle garage with its own deck will also be on the property site.

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