Community Facility

Humboldt Park Health Wellness Center

Window Installation Begins for Health and Wellness Center at 2933 W Division Street in Humboldt Park

In Humboldt Park, at 2933 W Division Street, progress continues on the construction of a new health and wellness center, as window installation has commenced. The architectural firm JGMA has partnered with Humboldt Park Health on this $24 million project. Standing three stories tall and reaching a height of 62 feet, the 45,500-square-foot building will showcase a curved design featuring a pearlescent green and blue facade, complemented by glass curtain wall cut-outs.

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Partial Funding Announced For Relaunch Of HotHouse In Bronzeville

Partial funding has been announced for the relaunch of HotHouse at 3947 S Michigan Avenue in Bronzeville. Located just north of the intersection with E 40th Street near the CTA Green Line Indiana stop, the project will redevelop the former home of the Elliot Donelley Youth Center. The project is being led by the famed club itself with Evanston-based DMAC Architecture & Interiors working on its design.

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