City Announces Redevelopment Opportunity For Lots In Bronzeville

The City of Chicago has announced the potential sale and development of a handful of lots around 3916 S Lake Park Avenue in Bronzeville. Located around the intersection with E Oakwood Boulevard, the package is made up of six separate currently vacant lots. The efforts are being led in collaboration with the Department of Planning and Development as the city searches for potential development teams.

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Partial Funding Announced For Relaunch Of HotHouse In Bronzeville

Partial funding has been announced for the relaunch of HotHouse at 3947 S Michigan Avenue in Bronzeville. Located just north of the intersection with E 40th Street near the CTA Green Line Indiana stop, the project will redevelop the former home of the Elliot Donelley Youth Center. The project is being led by the famed club itself with Evanston-based DMAC Architecture & Interiors working on its design.

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State Announces Six Cultural Districts In Chicago Eligible For Funding

Governor JB Pritzker and the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity announced the designation of new cultural districts across the city. The selection is part of the state-designated Cultural Districts Program established in 2023. Having announced ten as a whole across the state, six of these are within Chicago representing multiple cultures who have long called the city home.

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