River North

Bally’s Temporary Casino Moves Closer To Completion

An additional approval has been granted for Bally’s temporary casino within the Medinah Temple at 600 N Wabash Avenue in River North. In the works since Bally’s won the famed city casino bid last year, the temporary location has been quickly coming together in the last few months while awaiting a summer opening. The renovation of the historical structure is being led by Rhode-Island based Bally’s along with STL Architects and SOSH Architects working on its design.

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58 W Huron Street

Renovation Permit Issued for 58 W Huron Street in River North

A renovation permit has been approved for alterations at an existing edifice at 58 W Huron Street in River North. The property, owned by Rush Oak LLC, is a three-story office building. The planned work involves significant structural changes, specifically the removal of the masonry bearing walls down the center of the building and their replacement with steel beams and columns to support the floor loads of the second and third floors as well as the roof. The renovations will not result in changes to the building’s use, size, or occupancy.

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