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4228 S Langley Avenue Receives Construction Permit in Bronzeville

A construction permit has been issued for a new residential development at 4228 S Langley Avenue in Bronzeville. The project entails a three-story, three-unit masonry building. The building’s design incorporates open rear steel decks, an egress stair, a concrete patio, and a three-vehicle private masonry garage. The project will occupy what was previously an empty lot, with ownership under Jack Properties LLC.

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6340 and 6342 S Drexel Avenue

Permits Issued for 6340 and 6342 S Drexel Avenue in Woodlawn

Woodlawn Station LLC has recently obtained two permits for the construction of new residential properties located at 6340 and 6342 S Drexel Avenue in the Woodlawn neighborhood. These two separate addresses will each be a three-story, three-unit residence. The proposed development will feature second and third floor rear open decks, rear concrete patios, and rear garages (three-car for 6342 S Drexel Avenue and two-car for 6340 S Drexel Avenue).

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New Permits Issued for 6546 S Drexel Avenue in Woodlawn

A permit was issued just on Tuesday for a new three-story residential building with a masonry facade at 6546 S Drexel Avenue in the Woodlawn neighborhood. The proposed project’s owner is listed as Park Royal Development LLC. The scope of the project details three total dwelling units with plans for rear metal porches on the second and third levels. Plans indicate the presence of a three-vehicle parking pad at the rear of the building site. The lot is currently vacant.

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