Sustainabuild LLC

327 S Leavitt Street

New Permits Issued for 327 S Leavitt Street Near West Side

A new permit has been issued for a three-story residential building located at 327 S Leavitt Street in the Near West Side neighborhood. The permit’s owners have been listed as Sustainabuild LLC. Per plans, the construction will be comprised of three total dwelling units each outfitted with rear porches. The building will feature a basement and a detached three-car garage. Both structures will be equipped with shared rooftop decks. The construction will replace an existing frame structure.

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1715 S Morgan Street

New Permit Issued for 1715 S Morgan Street in Lower West Side

A permit was approved yesterday for a new three-story residential building at 1715 S Morgan Street in the Lower West Side neighborhood. The owner is listed as Sustainabuild LLC, and the current plans indicate this project will yield five total dwelling units. The first three floors will feature a rear deck, a front deck will also be accessible on the second story, and a rooftop deck with enclosed stairs. The building will also feature two detached garages: one two-car and one three-car. The lot is currently vacant.

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2034 N Wolcott Avenue

Demo Permit Approved for 2034 N Wolcott Avenue in Logan Square

A demolition permit has been issued for a three-story, multi-unit building along with a detached garage at 2034 N Wolcott Avenue in the Logan Square neighborhood. The permit’s owner has been filed under the name Sustainabuild LLC. A permit was issued in late August for a two-story single-family residence with a basement. The property will feature a rooftop deck with a rooftop stair enclosure, as well as a two-car detached garage.

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4817 N Rockwell Street

Permits Issued for 4817 N Rockwell Street in Lincoln Square

Construction permits have been issued for a three-floor residential building at 4817 N Rockwell Street in Lincoln Square. With Sustainabuild LLC as the listed owner, the project will yield three total dwellings, along with a rooftop deck and stair enclosure, a basement, and a rear deck and staircase spanning all three levels. The development will also offer residents a detached three-car garage with a separate rooftop deck. The new construction is set to replaceĀ a two-story frame residential building.

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