New Eastside

$50 Million Renovation Announced For Prudential Plaza

A renovation has been announced for the Prudential Plaza complex at 130 E Randolph Street in New East Side. Located on the corner with N Stetson Avenue and across the street from Millenium Park, the complex is currently owned by Wanxiang America Real Estate Group. The US-based real-estate developer is part of Wanxiang Group, a Chinese automotive manufacturer.

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Evolution of the Chicago 'S' Curve. Imagery via YIMBY+

Lost Legends #8: The Lake Shore Drive ‘S’ Curve Bottleneck

As evident from our last installment of ‘Lost Legends’ showcasing the Prentice Women’s Hospital, once-celebrated designs may reveal impracticalities as functional demands evolve. While not “legendary” in a traditional sense, the story of the construction and later removal of Lake Shore Drive’s zig-zag ‘S’ curve conveys a similar notion of a city adapting to changing infrastructural needs.

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