Construction Advances for 151 N Michigan Avenue in New Eastside

151 N Michigan Avenue151 N Michigan Avenue. Rendering by LJC

With the elevator core now reaching full height, BJB Partners is making steady progress on the construction of the new mixed-use development at 151 N Michigan Avenue in New Eastside. The development replaces a former single-story restaurant venue and will house a total of 15,000 square feet of commercial space. The ground floor will feature 5,300 square feet of retail space, which will be split into two or three commercial units, depending on demand.

151 N Michigan Avenue. Photo by Jack Crawford

151 N Michigan Avenue. Photo by Jack Crawford

151 N Michigan Avenue

151 N Michigan Avenue. Rendering by LJC

Strategically located at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Randolph Street, the Lamar Johnson Collaborative-designed building will stand 74 feet tall, featuring a contemporary-style design with dark metal panels and tall window storefronts. The second and third floors will feature two terraces each, equipped with guardrails and offering picturesque views of Grant Park and the surrounding cityscape. The third-floor terrace will span 1,000 square feet, while the rooftop space will be even more substantial, expected to serve residents of Millennium Park Plaza.

151 N Michigan Avenue

151 N Michigan Avenue. Photo by Jack Crawford

151 N Michigan Avenue first floor plan

151 N Michigan Avenue first floor plan. Plan by LJC

151 N Michigan Avenue second floor plan. Plan by LJC

151 N Michigan Avenue site plan

151 N Michigan Avenue site plan. Plan by LJC

The upper floors of the development will accommodate either office or additional retail space, with the second level featuring a bridge connection to the adjacent Millennium Park Plaza. The convenient location of the development within Downtown’s transit network ensures easy access to Routes 3, 6, 20, 26, 66, 143, 151, and 157 along Michigan and Randolph. The Metro can be accessed conveniently from Millennium station, while the CTA L lines are within a five-minute walk.

151 N Michigan Avenue

151 N Michigan Avenue. Photo by Jack Crawford

151 N Michigan Avenue. Photo by Jack Crawford

Power Construction is serving as general contractor for the project, which is expected to open by next year.


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9 Comments on "Construction Advances for 151 N Michigan Avenue in New Eastside"

  1. It’s very curuious that on one of the most visible corners of downtown Chicago, the developer’s would choose to build a NW Suburban Drive in Bank like structure….instead of something proud to hold that corner between the Prudential Building and Michigan Avenue. This building could be a slim tower that masks one of the ugliest buildings on Michigan Ave – the apt tower to it’s north. A missed opportunity, indeed.

    • The condo owns the lot and would never allow for their views to be blocked. But be that as it may, this could have still been a super interesting build like the Phoenix TV HQ in beijing. Not just another squat box

      • Comments like J’s are exactly why trolls troll. As though it never crossed the minds of the owners of a multi-million dollar lot to maximize its potential. Trolls are like the short sellers of online comments. They accentuate the negative for the greater good.

      • The ugly building to the north is an apartment building, not condos. The incompetent suburban owner did consider building a 40+fl tower previously but never pulled the trigger. What we’re getting now is what to be expected when an incompetent, suburban developer with no vision owns a prime spot downtown. I wish they would have just sold the site. Another sad example is block 37, brought to you by old man Daley and Joseph Freed.

    • At least do some research on the lot man. It’s clear nothing major would ever be allowed on this lot.

  2. “New Eastside” ?? We already have an East Side. These realtor-imagined names are really getting lame.

    • Steve River North | February 24, 2023 at 11:05 am | Reply

      Yeah, I thought this area was Lakeshore East? Google Maps now says “New Eastside”. I must have missed a memo.

  3. *checks notes* Yes, it would seem the condo building right next to this is still the ugliest condo building in the world.

  4. Agreed this scheme is dull, NW suburban bank grade building. Millennium Park deserves better neighbors.

    There was indeed. tower scheme for this lot – IIRC it was only 20 or so stories, designed by Larry Booth, so it would have been beautiful. Full floor units. Would have been spectacular. Darned shame it never got built. (Also a darned shame the big tower to the north is so big – it’ll never be worth tearing down, and it’s damned ugly.)

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