Victor Drapszo

New Permits Issued for 3655 S Indiana Avenue in Douglas

A new permit has been issued for a three-story residential building located at 3655 S Indiana Avenue in the Douglas neighborhood near Bronzeville. The permit’s owners have been listed as K Future Builders Inc. Per plans, the construction will be comprised of three total dwelling units. Plans also indicate the presence of a three-vehicle garage. The property lot is currently vacant.

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Renovation Permits Issued for 1132 N Winchester Avenue in West Town

A permit was issued last week for the deconversion of a three-unit residential building located at 1132 N Winchester Avenue in West Town. The permit was issued to change a three dwelling-unit building into one with only two dwelling units. This is an interior renovation and will include a new third-floor frame addition, as well as a new rear porch, and new roofing. This building is owner-occupied by Sonya Sachdeva. There will not be a need for a zoning change.

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4010 N Lincoln Avenue

New Permits Issued for 4010 N Lincoln Avenue in North Center

A permit was issued yesterday for a new five-story mixed-use masonry building located at 4010 N Lincoln Avenue in the North Center neighborhood. The owner is listed as Sewickley, LLC. The new construction is slated to feature 24 residential units and one commercial space. There will be an attached 10-vehicle garage on the ground floor and a rooftop deck. The building will replace a vacant lot.

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