United Center Park

2127 W Madison Street

Permits Issued for 2127 W Madison Street in United Center Park

Last week, YIMBY reported on a medium-sized mixed-use development at 2139 W Madison Street in Near West Side‘s United Center Park. Permits were also issued this month for an adjacent, similar-sized building by the same developer at 2127 W Madison Street. The development will be a five-story building, for which 2127 W Madison LLC is planning two retail spaces at ground level, with 40 units above. Parking, meanwhile, will include 40 on-site spaces for its residents. As there are no current lots with a 2127 address number, it is unclear if the building’s footprint will occupy the two adjacent 2125 and 2129 parcels.

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Former occupying structures of 117 and 119 S Bell Avenue

Permits Issued for 117 S Bell Avenue in Near West Side

Construction permits have been issued for a four-story residential building at 117 S Bell Avenue in Near West Side. YIMBY previously reported on the two-building demolition on the site. Sustainabuild LLC is the property owner behind the development, which will house nine total units just west of United Center. Atop the main building will also be a rooftop deck with an accompanying enclosure. Additional features include an attached three-car garage with its own rooftop deck space above, rear porch/balcony space, and front terrace space.

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