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Early Details Revealed for Condos Planned at 1032-42 W Jackson Boulevard in West Loop

Details have emerged for an upcoming project in the West Loop. The development, known as CA-X, is located at 1032-42 W Jackson Boulevard. Belgravia Group selected Sullivan Goulette & Wilson to craft the design which will feature zigzagging balconies across the , south-facing facade. Due to the alternating positions of the balconies—for example, the second-story balcony “zigs” out from the building, as the third-floor balcony “zags” inward—all the unit’s balconies will have open-air immediately above as the next balcony in the same directional flow is two stories above. The in-and-out pattern allows for unit balconies to have both a sunny and a shaded side. The balconies are 30 feet long and 14 feet at their widest, and eight feet at their narrowest.

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Initial Details Revealed For Residential Development At 1026 W Jackson Boulevard In The West Loop

Initial details have been revealed for a new residential development at 1026 W Jackson Boulevard in the West Loop. Located near the intersection with S Morgan Street, the new structure will replace the existing two-story manufacturing plant of the Bays Corporation, famous for their English Muffins, and its adjacent parking lot. Developer Belgravia Group is behind the project, who is also responsible for CA6 Condos building rising nearby, with Sullivan Goulette Wilson Architects leading the design.

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