Community Meetings Announced For Upcoming Projects in Old Town and West Loop

Rendering of Old Town Canvas (left) - elevation of 370 N Carpenter Street (right)

Community meetings have been scheduled for two upcoming mixed-use towers in Old Town and West Loop. Combined the projects will bring over 800-residential units to the city; with one being located at 370 N Carpenter Street in the West Loop and the other being Old Town Canvas at 1610 N LaSalle Drive.

Elevations of 370 N Carpenter Street via City of Chicago

370 N Carpenter Street – January 9th
6:00 PM – Virtual – Link

Originally proposed late last year, the project will finally utilize the lot on the corner with W Kinzie Street which was purchased by developer Sterling Bay in 2013 for $4 million. Now plans call for a 29-story and 349-foot tall angled tower designed by local-firm HPA. This will rise atop of a rectangular podium containing 156-vehicle parking spaces and 6,670 square-feet of retail space along Kinzie.

Ground floor plan of 370 N Carpenter Street via City of Chicago

Capped by a large amenity floor with an outdoor deck, the tower will hold 390 residential units of which 78 will be considered affordable. Select units will have their own private balcony as they run up the spine of the structure, but all will be able to use the rooftop deck as well. The tower will be clad in a metal panel grid, with alternating accent color panels creating a checkered appearance

– –

Rendering of new tower at 1610 N LaSalle Drive by GREC Architects

Old Town Canvas – January 16th
6:00 PM – Virtual – Link

The greater development was announced a few years ago and is being led by developer Fern Hill and designed by GREC Architects. Recently we covered the announcement of new tenants for the old Treasure Island building north of the corner with W North Avenue. One of these is Walgreens which will relocate from their current spot that is to be demolished to make way for the 36 story and 395-foot tall tower.

Facade study of 1610 N LaSalle Drive by GREC Architects

The building’s podium will hold 14,000 square feet of retail space split into two spaces, a lobby, and entrance to the 450-vehicle parking garage for residents and Moody Church visitors. Aside from amenity spaces, the upper floors will contain 500 residential units of which 100 will need to be affordable. The structure itself will be clad in a multi-colored metal panel grid, creating a large mural-type exterior representing the community.

Rendering of new podium at 1610 N LaSalle Drive by GREC Architects

– –

At the moment both towers need further approvals prior to moving forward, with neither having a clear construction timeline. Old Town Canvas also requires the approval from its alderman prior to a groundbreaking as well.

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14 Comments on "Community Meetings Announced For Upcoming Projects in Old Town and West Loop"

  1. Javid Aboutorabi | January 4, 2024 at 8:52 am | Reply

    The article doesn’t state the time and location for these community meetings – can anyone advise?

  2. Them Old Town snobs are already adding padlocks to their pocketbooks in the gripe of oncoming others bound to flood their neighborhood streets. Is there no decency left in this world?

    Good thing the height argument will be bogus.

  3. Walter Burnett rubber stamps everything for West Loop, it’s a traffic disater with ZERO city planning. Term limits NOW for these aldermen.

    • Have you heard of YIMBY? It’s an acronym that stands for ‘Yes In My Backyard’. It’s a movement that advocates for building more housing in existing urban areas to address the housing crisis.

      Got it?

    • walter burnett is a visionary as far as alderman go

    • Coastal Elitist | January 4, 2024 at 12:44 pm | Reply

      Rather, we should clone Walter Burnett 49 times and appoint each one to be the alderman for Chicago’s 49 other districts.

    • It’s not the new buildings that are causing increased traffic in my opinion. It’s that the city is not serious about continuing to improve our public transit, safe biking and walking alternatives to driving. People take the most effective mode (fastest, most direct, safe, clean, least hassle, etc) of transportation for each trip.

      The better the transportation alternatives to driving, the less traffic congestion. It is hard to envision in any US city so I highly encourage traveling to many amazing cities around the world that take this more seriously.

  4. Very excited about this old town canvas development. Walgreens sidewalks are in disrepair and not ADA compliant. This corner using the Walgreens space and the nearby parking lot could use additional residences especially with the housing crisis we are facing as a city. I like how the developers added the brickwork to the street level facade to blend with the neighborhood. I only hope that the existing residents of old town will realize the good of the project and not oppose the chance for the development of additional housing.

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