Renderings Revealed for Commercial Development at 3179 N Clark Street in Lake View

3179 N Clark Street. Rendering by Hubbard Street Group3179 N Clark Street. Rendering by Hubbard Street Group

Renderings have been revealed for a commercial development located at 3179 N Clark Street in Lake View. Located on a corner lot, the project site is bound by N Clark Street, W Belmont Avenue, and N Halsted Street. A two-story masonry bank building and a surface parking lot currently occupy the site.

3179 N Clark Street via Google Maps

3179 N Clark Street via Google Maps

Planned by Hubbard Street Group, the new construction will produce a two-story development rising 48 feet. The building will include approximately 59,000 square feet of new retail or commercial space. Over 20,000 square feet of that will be located on the ground floor with an approximate frontage of 295 feet along W Belmont Avenue.

View of 3179 N Clark Street. Rendering by Hubbard Street Group

View of 3179 N Clark Street. Rendering by Hubbard Street Group

The building will feature underground parking for tenants and visitors. The garage will be accessed off of N Clark Street, with loading accessed off of N Halsted Street.

Surface Parking Lot at 3179 N Clark Street via Google Maps

Surface Parking Lot at 3179 N Clark Street via Google Maps

CTA access to the site includes multiple options. The Belmont CTA L station, serviced by the Brown, Purple, and Red Lines, is a four-minute walk away from the site. The 22 and 77 CTA bus routes, accessed at the Clark and Belmont stop, are directly adjacent to the site. Routes 8, 151, and 156 are accessible from the Halsted and Belmont stop, directly adjacent to the site.

The property is currently zoned B3-3 and B3-2. No zoning change has been requested and the development will be built as-of-right. A timeline for the construction has not been announced.

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21 Comments on "Renderings Revealed for Commercial Development at 3179 N Clark Street in Lake View"

  1. Anytime a surface parking lot is developed it’s a good thing. However I would like to see a more language added to the facade. This is area has lots of foot traffic, so the street level in particular needs to do more to engage the pedestrian.

  2. This is incredibly disappointing and everything that’s wrong with what’s being built in the city. Tearing down a beautiful, historic building just to replace it with some bland box. Plus, the site would be massively underutilized – whatever goes here should be a tower, not a two story building. The L is a block or two away, this development should take advantage of that. I hope the city blocks this.

  3. Shockingly, mind-numbingly bad. AWFUL. The suburbanization of the city continues. Why isn’t this development multi-use, with condos or apartments above? This is essentially replacing a surface parking lot with a covered parking lot fronted by a few shops. And destroying an attractive historical bank building (which has anchored the corner of Clark and Belmont for probably close to 100 years) in the process. The rainbow mosaic murals on the side seem like a corporate concession to placate Boystown, which is offensive.

  4. Sorry, but this is terrible. It’s great that a surface lot could be taken up, but why would that building get torn down? Just mind numbing stupidity. The building is also absolutely AWFUL looking.

  5. This could’ve been a great adaptive re-use & addition to the great existing building. But instead we get this. Chicago architects continue to not live up to their legacy. Never thought I’d say this but Alderman should block it.

  6. What an absolutely ugly building. I loathe that parking lot and celebrate the prospect of it finally being developed, but this is a short walk from a major rapid transit station and should include housing. People want to live in Lakeview. More housing is needed, especially within walking distance of public transit. On top of that, this newer building is bland mediocrity, just like the Addison & Clark structure a half mile further north.

  7. Bobby Siemiaszko | March 18, 2021 at 10:45 am | Reply

    This should be a mid rise. Look at New York Yimby. In the Bronx alone, they seem to add an 8 to 10 story building every other day. At such a busy intersection in such a walkable area, to build this 2 story suburban store without at least 6 to 8 stories of apartments above is a joke, all while destroying and not reusing a beautiful bank. Wasn’t there another intersection recently that wanted to do the same thing?

  8. Gag a maggot. W T actual F ?

  9. So many of these retail development in Chicago just look like the base of a rendering where the floors above have been photoshopped out.

  10. Losing a bit of hope in this city, particularly at these prime corner lots which should be high-density and neighborhood icons (see The Robey). I know we need to reform the overcomplicated, bottlenecked, and likely corrupt zoning and approvals process, but this is also on the developers and whatever REITs or private equity firms own them. They mostly just want to drive the quickest profit possible and throw up cheap crap with large, boxy floorplates and windows for tenants/residents to look out at the view. The issue is: the more they chip away at our quality architecture (and don’t even attempt to replace it with something as worthy), the less of a view there will be for all of us.

    Does anyone believe in the City Beautiful movement anymore? Or is it all money?

  11. What a disappointment! I’ve driven past this prime lot for years with anticipation that they would build something great… or at least decent. This corner has so much potential to be a defining section of Lakeview and THIS is the final product… A big box store and a parking garage. The Marshals/Michaels/DSW building is already a hideous building and to add a newer version of that, right next door is very sad. This is a prime spot for commercial and residential alike. At the very least, add a few stories of apartment or condos.

  12. If they knock down that beautiful bank building for this then yes, it absolutely is a travesty. Otherwise, it’s fine for replacing a parking lot.

  13. What an absolute joke.

  14. This makes me so, so angry. How disrespectful to the city and her people.

  15. This is such poor suburban design its disgusting! And to demolish a historic building instead of trying to incorporate it into the new development is maddening to say the least. The other commenters are right, this site deserves something taller and should incorporate at the very least the facade of the historic structure on the corner. What a disappointment!

  16. That bank building is extremely ugly. Anything would be better than that. Not every old building needs to be saved.
    But the new development should be taller.

  17. Soviet design–ugly, utilitatarian, no dialogue with rest of the area/or nod to history.
    East Lakeview used to have a slightly funky charm. Not anymore. Just ugly, looming structures like a boring suburb.
    Besides that, the area is useless now–all restaurants- they come and go and Ii never patronize them.

  18. Guarantee it’s going to be a new Amazon grocery store

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