Wrightwood Neighbors

2456 North Racine Avenue, via Google Maps

Renovation Underway At 2456 North Racine Avenue In Wrightwood Neighbors

A renovation project has begun at 2456 North Racine Avenue in Wrightwood Neighbors, focusing on revitalizing the first-floor commercial space of a three-story mixed-use masonry building at the address. The project, which was approved on March 13, is set to enhance the aesthetic and functional appeal of the property, and has a budget of approximately $20,000.

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2631 N Wilton Avenue

Permits Issued for 2631 N Wilton Avenue in Wrightwood Neighbors

Permits have been issued for a three-story residential building at 2631 N Wilton Avenue in Lincoln Park‘s Wrightwood Neighbors neighborhood. Planned by BCDP Wilton Property LLC, the development will include three total apartment units, along with a three-car garage. The project is set to replace a three-story frame residence that lies on a narrow lot zoned for RT-4 Residential Two-Flat, Townhouse, and Multi-Unit District.

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