Construction Appears To Have Halted at 1630 S Wabash Avenue In South Loop

Photo of halted 1630 S Wabash Avenue by Ian Achong

Construction appears to have halted at 1630 S Wabash Avenue in the South Loop. Located just south of the intersection with E 16th Street, we covered the project in January as crews began foundation and piling work. The proposal is being led by CMK Companies with local architecture firm Pappageorge Haymes working on its design and Clark Construction on its execution.

PREVIOUS VIEW of 1630 S Wabash Avenue. Photo by Jack Crawford

The tower itself began construction relatively quietly along with 1730 S Wabash Avenue just down the street. Both are from the same developer and were approved as of right, meaning they fall within the existing zoning for the site and thus we have not seen renderings for either. Both replace a pair of long-term vacant lots surrounded by new construction fencing.

Photo of halted 1630 S Wabash Avenue by Ian Achong

Bound by the CTA tracks on the west end of the site, the development at 1630 will rise 12 stories tall and over 100 feet tall. On the ground floor will be a small retail space along with a residential lobby and entry ramp to the 105-vehicle parking garage within the podium. The tower above will hold 149 residential units most likely made up of the standard studios, one-, and two-bedroom layouts, though unconfirmed.

PREVIOUS VIEW of 1630 S Wabash Avenue. Photo by Jack Crawford

Because this is rising without any new city approvals, it is unknown how many of the units will be considered affordable. With a total cost of $35 million, the project received its foundation permits in October of 2023, followed soon after by a full building permit in December. With no equipment observed on the site, it is unknown what the current timeline is.

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11 Comments on "Construction Appears To Have Halted at 1630 S Wabash Avenue In South Loop"

  1. Ian, Jack or anyone lol.

    Can someone explain to me how this project is at the stage of where it’s at, but there has been ZERO renderings released for it? I have seen and followed all that’s been covered on this project and am stumped on how or why they haven’t released anything?

    • did you read the article

    • Because they don’t have to.

      Too many entitled NIMBY’s always want their “renderings”. Although renderings would be nice, I fully support the developer’s right to not show us a damn thing and just build what they were approved to build under present zoning.

      • I mean it’s not just about appeasement it’s about drumming up excitement. There’s a significant pre sales period that goes into securing tenancy ahead of time and, generally, showing people what the damn building might look like is helpful in that endeavor lol

        • Heaven forbid they show a city altering drawing of what may exist for the next 100 years.

          It’s one thing if it’s single family or some silly little infrastructure project, but a 12-story structure is a tad more significant than a sidewalk repaving.

          Either the architecture is that bad or they have a terrible salesman. 100’ building is no secret merch drop.

      • Thanks for calling me an “entitled NIMBY” I am not and if you ever had the thought about being curious about who I am and not judging me you’d know I am very much a YIMBY.

      • Such a hostile comment section.

        Jesus Christ, you’d think there would be moderation for some of these. It was a simple question for crying out loud? Sorry I missed the part that explained it.

        If you were kind human being on the internet, you’d at least point out where it’s said instead of roasting me for being a NIMBY — which if you did know me at all I am very much not and am one of the most pro-dev people you’ll meet on here. Thanks for the hostility Tupper

  2. Steve River North | April 11, 2024 at 10:02 am | Reply


    I assume CMK Co did not respond? Maybe Clark just does not have enough workers to cover both and they will get back to this after 1730 is done??

  3. When I bought my condo at 1720 S Michigan I was told that my west view would never be compromised. That came from C M K sales/VP. I was happy with both low rise buildings. As the construction halted is why I searched and found changes to both properties a1700 block of South Wabash. This is a horrible change! Who approved the changes? Was anybody who lives in South Loop notified? Who exactly demanded the change. It’s not good for us. Is there anything that can be done since construction hasn’t begun again? I feel like I was lied to!

  4. Please don’t change this 12 story building into another high rise. If that’s the plan to get more subsidized housing stop now!

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