1840 N Marcey Street Advances To Committee On Zoning

Elevations of 1840 N Marcey Street by SCB

The mixed-use development at 1840 N Marcey Street in Lincoln Park has advanced to be reviewed by the Committee on Zoning. Located west of N Clybourn Avenue and across the river from Lincoln Yards, the proposal will replace a one-story commercial building near the recently announced 2033 N Kingsbury Avenue. Developer Sterling Bay is working with local-firm SCB on its design, adding to all of their other surrounding projects.

Site context map of 1840 N Marcey Street via Google Maps

The zoning application covers the entirety of the 94,000 square-foot nearly block-long site, featuring a curved southern edge bound by a railroad track. The project itself will be split into two sub-areas though a phasing plan isn’t known. Each area will hold its own high-rise with a podium, sharing a large central green space, underground receiving area, and 360-vehicle parking spaces in total.

Site plans of 1840 N Marcey Street by SCB

On the northern end will sit the taller of the two high-rises, climbing 27-stories and 321-feet in height. The site-wide podium will contain three-retail spaces with access to all sides of the structure, a small residential lobby, back of house spaces, and bike parking. This will be capped by a large outdoor deck and amenity spaces serving the 315-residential units, most likely made up of studios, one-, and two-bedroom layouts.

On the southern end of the site will be the second high-rise rising 16-stories and 214-feet in height. Unlike most towers, this one will be curved and follow the southern edge of the site with a large cut through its base. Four retail spaces would line the base with the existing tracks being landscaped. A similar rooftop outdoor deck and amenity space will serve this building’s 294 residential units with balconies running down its central spine.

Elevations of 1840 N Marcey Street by SCB

Of the project’s overall 609-residences, 20-percent or 122-unit, will need to be considered affordable. Future residents will have access to CTA bus routes 9, 72, and 73 within a ten-minute walk, along with plenty of shopping along the North Avenue commercial corridor. The project was originally listed on Septembers meeting agenda but was differed, currently there is no construction timeline known.

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5 Comments on "1840 N Marcey Street Advances To Committee On Zoning"

  1. Too much parking. Barring some major developments, this area of town with Lincoln Yards + Cabrini redevelopments + Halsted Pointe is going to become a car sewer.

  2. That is a lot of residences, and it is great to see. With West Loop, River North, and the Loop getting packed, I feel this decade will see an upward trend as downtown shifts from a work hub to a more livable space and somewhere to hang out after hours.

    Infrastructure must keep up the pace; many crumbling sidewalks and grittiness need some attention, but the city is not on the decline.

    I really hope they can get personal safety in check. I don’t understand why letting people live their lives is so hard. Hate crimes, armed robberies, carjackings, fentanyl…

    Here’s to hoping the pockets of infill all across the South and West Sides, in conjunction with new hybrids of commerce like our urban ag industry, start to turn a page for these areas. Realine the blight, replace abandoned homes with families, and help get people off their feet.

    Chicago was a top three for adding new 100K+ earners and millionaires across the US. And for the ones throwing a hissy fit for losing our state’s richest billionaire, that man is literally scum and vile. I’m glad he joined the other mentally stable a*holes in Florida.

    • Here, here! I will toast to that!

    • Ken Griffin gave over 2 billion to charity including hundreds of millions to Chicago and Illinois charities. Even if you hate him,that’s a huge loss. Also, many high paid workers moved to Miami now and we lost the tens if not hundreds of millions in taxes we desperately need. He never wanted to leave but we had and have some terrible leaders here who ignore any advice unless they are on one side. We now are another 500 million short in Chicago’s budget, the worst pensions by far in the country and keep kicking the can down the road. Imagine if we didn’t have all of the crime issues and pension issues. We would be adding tens of thousands of people a year or more to the area and finally growing the South and West sides. Unless we can have politicians listen to both sides, we will continue to be in this slow economy with the most distressed commercial properties in the country.

      • Listen to both sides? The man is a major financial supporter of the Republican Party. A party that has physically endangered the lives of women, mothers, minorities, the LGBTQ+ community, single parents, wrongly convicted citizens, teachers, librarians, doctors, postal workers, election workers, police officers, minimum wage earners, and millions more.

        To hell with his blood money. I believe voting on party lines is stupid and being anti- business is not healthy economically. But no dollar amount can rightfully justify the sick twisted nature of someone proud to call themselves a modern day Republican.

        Save the public handjobs and Nazi sympathies for Florida to tackle. I’m glad we have a governor that doesn’t salivate at the thought of human torture.

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