Final Touches at 3035 N Sheffield Avenue in Lake View

Previous design for 3035 N Sheffield Avenue. Rendering by

Final touches are now being refined at 3035 N Sheffield Avenue, a four-story condominium building at the corner of Sheffield & Nelson in Lake View. Developed by Property People, the residential development will feature three for-sale units spread across its 6,500 square feet of floor space, with prices ranging from $775,000 for a single-level unit to $1.3 million for one of the two duplexes.

3035 N Sheffield. Photo by Jack Crawford

3035 N Sheffield. Photo by Jack Crawford

3035 N Sheffield. Photo by Jack Crawford

3035 N Sheffield. Photo by Jack Crawford

The firm Axios Architects & Consultants has designed a 45-foot-tall structure with a rooftop deck and a facade primarily composed of a darker gray brick. The most recent design that is currently being built deviates from the originally posted renderings with a darker color scheme and more subtle corner balconies. It appears that there are still segments of the facade yet to be filled in, so it remains to be seen if a secondary material will complement the brick.

3035 N Sheffield. Photo by Jack Crawford

3035 N Sheffield. Photo by Jack Crawford

Previous design for 3035 N Sheffield Avenue by Axios Architects and Consultants

Parking facilities will include three garage spaces. As for public transportation, residents will have access to the Brown and Purple Lines at the nearby Wellington station, situated just a short walk to the southeast. The Red Line service is also available at the Belmont station, which is a five-minute walk to the north.

3035 N Sheffield. Photo by Jack Crawford

3035 N Sheffield. Photo by Jack Crawford

Property People LLC is also serving as general contractor for the construction. The project is expected to reach completion later this year.

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12 Comments on "Final Touches at 3035 N Sheffield Avenue in Lake View"

  1. still a fake rendering in a fake setting on a fake street designed in a Bombay basement.
    I wonder why YIMBY Chicago didn’t vet this?!

    • Jack Crawford | May 12, 2023 at 8:06 am | Reply

      Hi J – you are correct that the building, as it’s being constructed, looks different from the renderings. We’ve updated the article to make note of that

      • The building and the setting as it has always been presented. The photos are so dull? Is it a comment on the dullness of the design?
        (thanks for the reply)

        • Jack Crawford | May 12, 2023 at 8:30 am | Reply

          No worries – the setting/lighting for this set of photos was a bit on the darker end. I’ve updated so they’re a little brighter

          • no worries for who? the neighbors that get an undercooked design on the block? Always worries for good/responsible architecture.

          • Jack Crawford | May 12, 2023 at 10:49 am |

            Ah, I see the misunderstanding. When I said “No worries” earlier, it was in response to you thanking me, and not related to the design discussion. We’ve made some updates to the article, including explaining the difference between the provided renderings from Axios and our photos, both in the caption and in the main text. We also made the photos brighter to show the design details more clearly.

        • Jesus Christ calm down dude. Very hostile tone.

          • Badly conceived and badly designed buildings stay for a long time. Every architect if not every resident should demand quality design with respect for the Chicago building traditions and want nothing less to maintain the character of the city. That’s what makes Chicago Chicago. Hostile? More caring. I wish there was more passionate imput from other readers of YIMBY about the dumbing down of the Chicago landscape. (The repeated rendering of this project presented several times over the last year speaks volumes for the care this project has by the builder).

  2. Buena Park Boris | May 12, 2023 at 8:16 am | Reply

    I agree it is odd that the rendering of the nearby buildings is not representative of the neighborhood.

    But I wouldn’t put that on the nice folks here to vet. It clearly is the intended rendering for the structure. Write a letter to Axios maybe

    • If Axios is proud of their first representation of the site, the building and what they were inflicting on the neighborhood, I am doubtful they would have the sensitivity to respond with any comment that would suffice. The same representation of a fictious site and terrible building has been presented over and over again. The built form is better than the rendering but still, imagine if this was the building that lined every block of Chicago instead of the craftsman bungalows….what a bleak city it would be.

  3. Wow this is the worst bait and switch render I’ve ever seen. Not that the rendering was going to win any design awards but still.

  4. What’s with the huge side yard? It looks like there’s an entire lot there.

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