Sullivan Goulette & Wilson

Early Details Revealed for Condos Planned at 1032-42 W Jackson Boulevard in West Loop

Details have emerged for an upcoming project in the West Loop. The development, known as CA-X, is located at 1032-42 W Jackson Boulevard. Belgravia Group selected Sullivan Goulette & Wilson to craft the design which will feature zigzagging balconies across the , south-facing facade. Due to the alternating positions of the balconies—for example, the second-story balcony “zigs” out from the building, as the third-floor balcony “zags” inward—all the unit’s balconies will have open-air immediately above as the next balcony in the same directional flow is two stories above. The in-and-out pattern allows for unit balconies to have both a sunny and a shaded side. The balconies are 30 feet long and 14 feet at their widest, and eight feet at their narrowest.

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