Carman Hall Renovation Makes Progress at Illinois Institute of Technology in Bronzeville

Cunningham HallCunningham Hall. Photo by Jack Crawford

Exterior renovation can be seen making headway at Carman Hall, located at 60 E 32nd Street within the Illinois Institute of Technology campus in Bronzeville. Originally designed by the famed German architect Ludgwig Mies van Der Rohe, the nine-story dormitory building was completed in 1953. Recently, the midcentury residential building sat unused and in need of repair.

Carmen Hall

Carman Hall. Photo by Jack Crawford

Carmen Hall

Carman Hall. Photo by Jack Crawford

The scope of the current work will modernize the structure for student occupancy, while still maintaining the integrity of the original design. The work includes the replacement of the exterior walls and windows, the interior partitions, and the internal MEP equipment. Meanwhile, the foundation, cores, and structure will be preserved.

Carmen Hall

Carman Hall. Photo by Jack Crawford

Students can find the closest bus transit for Routes 1, 4, and 31, located at the intersection of E 31st Street and S Michigan Avenue via a three-minute walk northeast. Additional bus service for Route 29 is also nearby via a three-minute walk southwest to State & 32nd Street. Also in close proximity is the CTA L Green Line at 35th-Bronzeville-IIT station, an 11-minute walk southwest, as well as the Sox-35th station, a 15-minute walk southwest.

Cunningham Hall

Carman Hall. Photo by Jack Crawford

Despite the aforementioned progress, the hoist still remains attached to the east face and the inset lobby still obscured by protective framing. Dirk Denison Architects has overseen the design of the improvements, while Gilbane Building Company has served as general contractor for the roughly $18 million undertaking.

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4 Comments on "Carman Hall Renovation Makes Progress at Illinois Institute of Technology in Bronzeville"

  1. It’s Carman Hall, not Carmen Hall or Cunningham Hall.

  2. Orlando Coombs | November 21, 2021 at 7:41 am | Reply

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