Demolition Permits Issued for 2028 N Seminary Avenue in Lincoln Park

2028 N Seminary AvenueThe property on the right is 2028 N Seminary Avenue and has been approved for demolition

A demolition permit was issued last week to remove a three-story, multi-unit masonry residential building along with a frame garage located at 2028 N Seminary Avenue in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. The permit’s owner has been listed as Patrick Nash.

The closest bus service is Route 73 and can be found at the intersection of Armitage & Seminary via a two-minute walk south. The nearest CTA Brown and Purple Lines are accessible at the Armitage station via a five-minute walk west. There are many popular restaurants and retail options along this stretch of the Armitage Avenue corridor.

Quality Excavation is serving as the demolition contractor. At the time of this writing, an anticipated completion date has not yet been announced for the project. No permits have been filled or approved for any future projects at this site.

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8 Comments on "Demolition Permits Issued for 2028 N Seminary Avenue in Lincoln Park"

  1. What kind of low class animal would wreck such a lovely building? Unless there is extensive structural damage that can’t be seen there is absolutely no reason to wreck such a fine looking historic structure.

  2. guy lives in the red house on the left, he’s turning the right one into a side yard

  3. That is a beautiful building being demolished.

  4. I’m shocked that this one is even allowed, that’s got to be historically protected status. What a gorgeous building and such a short-sighted move to demolish it.

  5. “guy lives in the red house on the left, he’s turning the right one into a side yard”

    Why do these people insist on destroying our city’s vintage structures? If you want to live on a suburban sized lot and yard then please move to the suburbs instead of turning the city into the suburbs. Just as the suburbs don’t allow 3 story masonry multifamily buildings with 3 foot gangways between them the city needs to restrict the demolition of vintage structures for personal use sideyards. It’s ultimately destructive to the character, property values and appeal of the neighborhood despite the short term use and enjoyment of the current owner. Their selfish actions will ruin the future enjoyment, value and character for their neighbors and future Chicagoans. Or if they insist, there are plenty of neighborhoods in this city without vintage structures of irreplicable architectural details, with empty lots abundant, that they could build their surban compound.

  6. WTF?! This is ridiculous! Who approves these demolitions?!

  7. Did this building get demolished? The alder person should be put on notice by the voters that this will not be tolerated, if they want another term. Of course the guy who bought it is a lawyer and probably spent a lot on campaign contributions to the alderperson.

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